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With over 30 years of expertise, our team is the roof replacement Darwin experts you can rely on to get the job done right the very first time. We offer tile to colorbond roof replacement, corrugated iron roof replacement, metal roof replacement, colorbond roof replacement, and skylight replacement in Darwin.
We are the leaders in providing complete re roof replacements in Darwin and Palmerston for residential and commercial properties.

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Convert or upgrade your old weathered roof with a full roof replacement from Roofing Darwin. A brand new metal roof will not only transform the appearance of your home but also raise property value significantly. With over 30 years in the roof plumbing trade, our roofing professionals have replaced every roofing material and every kind of roof possible.

While it may be cheaper to keep performing small patchy roof repairs to a defective roof, in the long run, the price and advantages of a full roof replacement in Darwin will usually be more cost-efficient than the continuous roof repairs. Roof replacements are excellent home improvement expenses, whether your roof is past repairing or maybe you’re just seeking a new up-to-date colour or material to lift the look and worth of your residence.

Our best roofing professionals at Roofing Darwin will help you evaluate whether your home needs a new re roof, repairs or simply some basic roof maintenance. And as we are always endeavouring to keep the highest standards of workmanship, Roofing Darwin has a proud history of customer happiness. With a hard-working team of trained, licensed specialists, we will present you with suggestions that will ensure you are preserving your property’s value and integrity. After all, the entire construction of a building can be at risk if your new roof is not well installed.

Why Choose Us for Your Re Roof in Darwin?

If you are studying all the possibilities for a professional roofing contractor in Darwin who can offer you roof replacement services at the best price, you have come to the right place.

  • Our team have 30 years of roofing industry experience in Darwin
  • We have all relevant qualifications, licenses and insurances
  • Our experts utilise the best quality roofing products for all our services
  • We provide no obligation free quotes & inspections to all Darwin Locals
  • Only the utmost of prideis taken in all of our work
  • We present extreme value for money with reasonably priced services. Got a quote? We will do our best to beat it everytime!
  • We have 5-Star Google reviews from our happy customers!

Re Roofing Darwin

If your current roof is seriously damaged or looking a little worse for wear, it might not be feasible to repair and restore it partly. You may want to opt for a complete re-roofing Darwin service. While this is a more expensive and more comprehensive project, it symbolises a fundamental investment in the future of your residence. This includes removing the old and damaged roof completely and replacing it with a brand new one.

Re-roofing is a highly dangerous process and must be completed very carefully so as not to disrupt the existing plaster, ceilings, or external features such as fascias and guttering. If you doubt whether or not your property needs Darwin re-roofing services, contact our team at Roofing Darwin today.

Alternatively, your roof may have worsened to a point where a roof refurbishment cannot easily repair it. These obstacles include if the roof is no longer water-proof, is corroded, rusty, weak or unsafe. No matter the problem, our team of roofers in Darwin will present the perfect re-roofing Darwin solution for you.

Roof Replacement Darwin

What Are The Benefits Of Our Roof Replacement Darwin Service?

There are several reasons why you should think about a re-roofing Darwin service for your place. It may be that your roof is aged or old and you want to modernise its look to a more contemporary style or change the colour. Furthermore, you may be having an extension or renovation, and a part of the house needs to be renewed or extended.

Advantages of a Re Roof In Darwin

Having re-roofing work taken out on your home brings many advantages. First of all, the property’s overall appearance is instantly improved with a new roof, which will undoubtedly add value to your house. With our re-roofing Darwin, you will easily prevent major roof leaks and other obstacles from happening and you can significantly decrease your roof maintenance costs in the future. In some instances, it will also lower home insurance costs.

As well as fixing architectural issues with your roof, roof replacement Darwin is an occasion to renew the overall look of your home. This is a wonderful time to select a new kind of roofing for your home and update your propertys appearance. You can also repair any drainage issues in your roof by adjusting the shape of your new roof. This will allow water to drain from your roof correctly, reducing the chance of future damage to your roof and ceilings.

Roof Tile Replacement Darwin

Are you contemplating having your tiled roof replaced? 

At Roofing Darwin, we have a professional team dedicated to roof tile replacement Darwin services, indicating you will obtain the highest care and customer service standards. Our professional roof replacement work is focused on guaranteeing everything about your new roof, from your choice of colours and roofing materials to the quality of workmanship. We provide a wide range of possibilities specific to each Darwin homeowner, including your choice of material, guttering styles, coatings, insulation & colour.

Tiled roofs are quite popular throughout Darwin. Often, however, they become fragile as they age. When this occurs, tiled roofs can begin to leak quite badly. This is not uncommon, especially in homes that are pretty old. In these circumstances, it is not always a straightforward or cost-effective fix. Quite often, the only solution is to replace the tiled roof altogether with a metal roof.

A tile roof replacement Darwin offered by Roofing Darwin presents an efficient way to change and improve your old tiled roof while guaranteeing the roof’s structural integrity. Our extensive range of options and styles, along with our over 30 years of roofing industry knowledge simply makes Roofing Darwin the right choice to replace your tiled roof to its former glory and condition.

We are experts when it comes to roof tile replacements in Darwin. You get a tile roof replacement from Roofing Darwin and get the most excellent products and service. Every roofing substance that we use is gathered from Australian owned companies. As a result you get quality materials that are built to withstand weathering and erosion.

Corrugated Iron Roof Replacement Darwin

Got a feeling your corrugated iron roof may have past its use-by-date? In most circumstances, by the time an iron roof is showing signs of decay that are obvious from the ground, the damage is widespread and in most cases unrepairable. Roofing Darwin offers affordable and expert corrugated iron roof replacement Darwin.

One of the most frequent signs that your roof is on its last legs is spots or stripes of rust, especially where the sheets of iron cross over or around screw holes. In severe instances, a patch of the roof may even fall when weight is placed on it, such as a person stepping across the roof. Even small, uneven patches of break-through rust are a tell-tale sign of widespread rust damage beneath the surface. Therefore, with careful further inspection, we usually find that most colorbond sheets are similar across the entire roof. It’s best not to wait until the next wet season and heavy rain before having your roof replaced.

The answer is a Darwin Roof Replacement!

The only answer might be a Darwin roof replacement, which is a project for a team of qualified corrugated iron roof replacement specialists such as our team at Roofing Darwin. This method often requires much more than just tearing off old sheets of iron and placing on a new roof. If you want your new metal roof to last and be watertight in any weather including cyclone season, there are no alternatives to achieving a professional result.

At Roofing Darwin we take pride on the quality of workmanship and assistance for all your corrugated iron roof replacement Darwin needs. If you’re contemplating getting your corrugated iron roof replaced, you can’t go past Roofing Darwin. All of our specialists are highly qualified and our prices are very competitive to most of roofing companies around the Northern Territory. We guarantee fully licensed and insured roofers carry out all work.

Roof Replacement Darwin

Roof Replacement Cost Darwin

So how much does roof replacement cost in Dafrwin? It all depends on the extent and shape of your roof and the roofing supplies you decide to put on. Other roofing work may be required as well. Every re-roof project is complex so our roof replacement experts will have to examine your roof to know precisely how much your new metal roof will cost.
The type of roofing material you have on your current roof may also influence the roof replacement price. If you have an asbestos roof, for example the expense of removing it and sending it to the correct waste facility can be pretty high. Other factors that can drive the cost of roof replacement Darwin up include the steepness of the pitch and any entrance problems that we may encounter.
One thing we will regularly do is to look for any architectural problems you may have. The roof may have decayed timber that has to be removed or if you’re replacing a lighter material with a heavier material such as concrete or tiles, the roof may require to be repaired to hold the extra weight.

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At Roofing Darwin we are proud of our established track record of perfection that guarantees that we’re the best team for a roof replacement Darwin. Nothing pleases us more than to have our clients happy with our level of dedication to excellent service and customer happiness. Should you require more information, our contact lines are open.

You will be talking directly with the local Darwin roofer who will take the time to recognise your needs and present you with expert advice from the moment of your very first call. Dealing directly with the local Darwin roofers allows you to handle all the particulars of your job, specifically with the person who will be performing your roofing work.

If you’re searching for a roof inspection and quote for a roof replacement Darwin service or if you just have some questions, contact our experts today.

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